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You can now RENT a Fall Alarm From us

If you are considering a FALL Detector and Monitoring, for yourself or a loved one, you can now RENT from us.

  • We supply you with a Pendant that either goes around the neck or can be clipped onto clothing.
  • The rental pricing is $65.00 a month and includes 24 Hour monitoring and GPS tracking if required.
  • Rent period is a minimium of 12 months, or by arrangement, with one months deposit in advance.
  • Return the unit to us at the end of the period or purchase it at $120.00
  • NOTE: The Pendant remains our property during the rental period, as we carry out any maintenance that is required.
  • These devices are ideal for the Elderly or people that may wander (especially if they suffer from dementia)
  • Just go to the contact us page , leave your details and we will follow up with you.

click here to look at the device.

click here to go to the contact us page

  • One-Touch Personal Alarm
    Whenever the user suddenly feels unwell, runs into an emergency or suffers from a slip-and-fall, help will always be available at the touch of a button.

  • Automatic Fall Detection
    Built-in sensors that detect falls will override the need for pushing the SOS button. This essential feature addresses the possibility of someone being rendered unconscious after falling.

  • No Movement Alarm
    If the user doesn’t move for a set period, the smartwatch will notify emergency contacts through a text alert.

  • Showerproof
    Able to be used in the shower, the pendant can contact family and friends in the event of a fall or a serious medical event.

  • Fully Mobile 4GX: 
    Use at Home or on the Go
    This fully mobile wearable works entirely independently from a landline and can be used to talk directly to your contacts using a 4GX signal. Wherever a mobile signal is available, the user can connect to their family members and emergency contacts.

  • Talking Personal Alarm PendantTwo-way communications mean that the user can connect to their chosen contacts or emergency response operators. Wherever the user may be, fully mobile technology allows connectivity wherever a mobile signal is available.

  • Step and Activity Counter
    For those trying to keep an active lifestyle, the watch features movement sensors that record the user’s steps to make sure they’re reaching their daily goals.

  • Heart Rate Monitoring
    The built-in heart rate sensor is helpful for those who want to be aware of their heart rate.

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