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05 May
Causes of fall injury hospitalisations, 2020–21
CauseHospitalisations%Rate (per 100,000)
Slipping, tripping or stumbling on same level (W01)75,51131294
Other fall on same level (W18)49,84520194
Fall on or from stairs or steps (W10)16,456764
Fall involving furniture (including bed and chair) (W06–08)15,959762
Fall involving ice-skates, skis, roller-skates or skateboards (W02)8,568433
Fall on or from a ladder (W11)6,584326
Fall involving playground equipment (W09)6,520325
Other fall on same level due to collision with, or pushing by, another person (W03)5,752222
Other specified types of falls (W00, W04–05, W12–17)17,289767
Unspecified fall (W19)40,98517160
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